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When it comes to off-campus living, who doesn’t love some good apartment storage hacks? With not as much space to spread out as a beautiful house on acres of land would provide (we can all dream for down the road, right?), it’s good to have a collection of ideas to accommodate the current smaller space you call home. It’s been said that order is one of the keys to success, so if you’re needing to implement more of that during your important study-focused college years, check out these organization tips that will help the ebb and flow of apartment living.

Kick Up Bed Space

Yes, your bed should be primarily used for getting a good night’s rest, but it can also double as an excellent place for storage. If you happen to be on the hunt for a new bed, check out options with spacious built-in drawers. If this isn’t in your budget any time soon, make the most of all that extra space underneath the bed — buy some storage bins to slide underneath or get some smaller baskets for a makeshift dresser as a place to store seasonal wardrobes, bath towels, bulky jeans, etc. For your extra linens, here’s a simple trick: Lift up your mattress and you have the perfect, out-of-sight storage space.

Clear the Floor

Look around your apartment and see if there are areas where floor space has become a disorganized cluster. If you spot one or two (or more) areas, this could be an opportunity to give more breathing space to the floor plan while also inviting some design style. Instead of a large bookshelf, what about trying floating shelves? Instead of a floor lamp, opt for a cool light fixture hanging from the ceiling (this could also be a fun DIY project). You may like the extra floor space, or you may find that it’s the perfect place for a cool storage bin. In addition, check the area where you keep the broom, vacuum, etc. If you can lift those off the floor via a wall-mounted organizer, go for it!

Investigate the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a prime area that can always use a creative organizational spin. Start simple by examining your pantry. Are cans all over the place? Are food container lids everywhere? Are things in there that don’t belong? See where storage containers could be a solution to the chaos, and if you need more space, look into a pantry door hanger. Next, check the hanging cabinets and the ones on the floor. Could a turntable help store spices better? Could a tension rod help store cleaning sprays underneath the sink? Could Command hooks strategically placed on cabinet doors be a great place to hang pot lids? If you like to cook and entertain friends, you’ll be especially happy with what an organized kitchen can do for a chef’s soul! And if you don’t like to cook, maybe a tighter kitchen is just the trick your apartment needed. Of course, remember these same cabinet/pantry tips can be applied to achieving a more organized bathroom, as well.

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